Joe Milligan Watercolor

The Boys' Boat by Joe Milligan


Study for Storm Surge by Joe Milligan

Monthly meeting and workshop


APRIL 20, 2021 (Wednesday)
1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.


APRIL 26, 2022 (Tuesday)  

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Demo:  Joe Milligan – Watercolor




Joe finds working in watercolor to be the most rewarding, yet challenging, of the art forms.  Managing the unpredictability of the water and pigment helps him form dramatic skies, seas, and the physical texture of real objects.  The brush, the paint, and the water are his tools used to create paintings infused with emotion and a sense of realism in time and place.  Beaches and harbor scenes, old boats and barns are the places and things that, for various reasons, move him…he feels a connection.  With each painting he starts a story that the viewer can complete.  Joe has been a featured artist at galleries in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.  He has received awards at regional art shows and art societies.  He continues to work with other watercolor artists to explore new methods and challenge his creative abilities.  His illustrations have appeared in books and magazines about the New Jersey Coast and his paintings are in private collections in the U.S., Europe and Bermuda.  Joe and his wife Laurie maintain studio homes in Wawa, Pennsylvania and Cape May, New Jersey.

To view Joe Milligan's watercolor paintings, visit his web site at or Joe Milligan Artist on Facebook.


Demonstration Description, Watercolor - Seascape:


Working from a photograph, Joe will discuss his approach to painting seascapes.  He’ll cover his color choices, paper, brushes and how these tools contribute to the success of his paintings.  Joe will work through several washes followed by detailing the mid and foreground areas of the painting.  Questions and close observation are encouraged.


Workshop Description:


During the DVAL demo we’ll discuss and agree to two painting subjects for the workshop.  We’ll target one painting in the morning and one after lunch.  I’ll discuss my painting set-up, sketching, value study and the first steps of the painting.  The participants will then start their paintings as I work individually with them answering questions and providing technique ideas.  Throughout the session I’ll bring the group back together and return to my painting to observe and discuss my approach. 

Materials List:

Bring what you have. 

There’s no need to run out and buy something that you’re missing from this list.


Watercolor paints – I use a somewhat limited palette which consists of a few blues, reds and yellows.  For the record here’s what I typically have:

Winsor & Newton:  Payne’s gray, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, burnt umber, cad red, alizarin crimson, cad lemon yellow

Daniel Smith:  Neutral tint, burnt orange

American Journey:  Old sienna, yellow ochre

Watercolor paper – medium (140#) to heavy weight (300#).  I typically use Arches rough or cold pressed

Watercolor brushes – a rigger, various sized rounds such as a 4, 8, 12.  A large flat 1-2 inches or a mop wash brush.  Bring what you have.


Water Container

Painting board/surface or WC block to support your work

Artists or tan masking tape (not blue painters tape)

Painting prop – a 4” block of wood or desk top easel to slat your painting surface

Paper towels

Pencil and kneaded eraser

Spray bottle like an Atelier or Holbein fine mist bottle

Click here for a list of materials (MS Word document)

Click here for a list of materials (PDF document)