Art Show - Artist Instructions

Hello Artist!

Thanks for participating with us in DVAL’s 2019 Art Sale at St. David’s Episcopal Church.  We have 40 artists signed up and are looking forward to an exciting event.

Inventory Lists and Labels

We have decided to produce inventory lists and labels for the art being displayed in the sale.  The reasons are to provide consistent quality and to avoid discrepancies that have occurred in the past between Inventory Sheets and Labels.

Your next step is to enter the inventory of art you plan to display at the sale.  An Inventory Entry Form has been set up on the DVAL website.  You can access the form by clicking on the Inventory Form Button above.  Art is entered one piece at a time.  Each time you submit an entry you will receive a confirmation of that entry in an email message.  You can enter all of your art in one session or sign on multiple times and enter some of your pieces.  All of your inventory needs to be entered by midnight, Saturday, March 23rd. 

On March 24th, you will receive an email with your attached Inventory List and will be able to check it and make any changes required.  Changes will be made by marking up the list and returning it by email.

Check-In / Set Up

Panels are being set up during the afternoon of Thursday, March 28th, 2019.  Artists can check-in starting at 5 PM.  Please bring a copy of your biography, limited to one sheet that may be double-sided, for the Artists’ Biographies binder. 

Two tables will be set up for check-in, separated alphabetically, A-K and L-Z.  At check-in you will receive your Panel Designation, a final Inventory Sheet, labels for display of Art on Panels and labels for the back of your art.  You are responsible for hanging your art on the designated panels and filling and positioning your portfolio bin if you chose to bring one.  Volunteers will be available to answer questions and assist as needed.


The opening Reception will be held from 6 PM to 8 PM on Friday, March 29th.  All artists are expected to attend the reception, mingle with the guests.  You may also enjoy the food and entertainment.

Conclusion - Pickup

The Sale ends at 4 PM on Sunday, March 31st.  Artists can pick up their art after the sale has concluded.


Everyone is encouraged to promote the sale among friends, acquaintances and collectors.  Click here to download a postcard advertising the sale.  Please post it if you have a website or Facebook Page and / or distribute copies by email.

If you have any questions, please contact George Gallatig at

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