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Article I: NAME


The name of this organization shall be Delaware Valley Art League (DVAL), changed by majority vote of the general membership on March 14, 2008; formerly known as The Art League, changed by majority vote of the general membership on May 10, 2002; formerly known as The Art League of Delaware County, changed by majority vote of the general membership on November 2, 1979; formerly known as The Arts and Craft League of Delaware County.




 The Delaware Valley Art League was formed by Catherine R. Brogan (Mrs. Edward Tatnall), under the name of The Arts and Craft League of Delaware County on November 10, 1947. The purpose of this organization is to promote interest, skill and creativity in the fine arts; to encourage fellowship; to exchange views; develop new ideas and techniques; to offer educational opportunities through lectures, workshops and demonstrations; and to sponsor art exhibitions for the participation of the membership.




Section 1: This is an adult organization, limited to members 18 years of age and older.


Section 2: Membership applications are available at all membership meetings and on the official website,


Section 3: Membership is divided into two categories: Associate (A) and Full (F). All members are eligible to attend meetings, workshops, hold office, serve on committees and vote.  


All new members are initially designated Associate Members, eligible to submit work to juried shows only. They are required to pay a onetime only joiner fee.  


To become a Full Member, eligible to submit work to all DVAL sponsored shows, juried and un-juried, all Associate Members, upon being accepted into three juried DVAL shows within a two year time period, may change their status to that of Full Member by notifying the Internal Review Chairperson. That Chairperson will then verify and confirm the change in Membership status.


Full Members are eligible to submit work to all DVAL sponsored shows, juried and un-juried. Full Members are also invited to link their professional web page on the association’s official website. In addition, they may submit information to the Member’s News section also on the association’s official website.


Section 4: All Members, Associate and Full, will be required to pay membership fees by June 1st of each year to remain active members for the upcoming year.


Section 5: To be reinstated after an absence of five years, a former member must re-apply as a new (Associate) member, regardless of former status.  



Section 1: The Officers of the Board of Directors shall include: President (or Co-Presidents where applicable); Vice President; Recording Secretary; Corresponding Secretary; Treasurer.


Additional Chairpersons on the Board of Directors shall include: Membership; Handbook/Membership Directory; Webmaster; Programs and Workshops; Marketing Communications; Juror Procurement; Exhibitions; Sponsor Procurement; Internal Review; Special Events


Such other committees, standing or special, shall be formed or dissolved as the Executive Board shall deem necessary to carry on the work of the Art League.


Section 2: Officers and Chairpersons shall serve for one to two terms (of two years each) and shall not be eligible to hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms (four years) unless necessity arises (no candidate available).


Section 3: The President shall preside at Membership Meetings, Executive Board Meetings, and shall plan and hold an Annual Planning Board Meeting. The President shall have the power to appoint ad hoc committees, maintain the Constitution and Bylaws of the Delaware Valley Art League and follow “Robert’s Rule of Order” at all meetings.


Section 4: The Vice-President shall assist the President and act in the absence or disability of the President.


Section 5: The Recording Secretary shall take the minutes of the Executive Board Meetings and distribute copies to all Board Members prior to the next Board Meeting and keep a file of same.


Section 6: The Corresponding Secretary shall send out the annual Handbook/Membership Directory and all other communications of Delaware Valley Art League, which are relevant to the operation of the organization.


Section 7: The Treasurer shall collect all dues and other confirmed fees from committee chairpersons and shall reimburse expenses of members upon submission of an expense report. The Treasurer will submit a monthly report at the Executive Board and Membership Meetings.


Section 8: The Chairpersons shall be responsible for the duties outlined in their individual job descriptions.  



Section 1: There shall be seven Membership Meetings a year on the second Friday of the months of October, November, January, February, March, April and May.


Section 2: A quorum shall be three-fourths of the Executive Board members and one-fourth of the general membership.



Section 1: A candidate for the Presidency shall have served on the Executive Board. Officers/Chairpersons shall be limited to holding one position per term. Officers and Chairpersons shall have been a member of the Delaware Valley Art League for at least one year (if the necessity arises, the Board can make an exception in order to fill an office).


Section 2: Prior to the end of an Officer’s/Chairperson’s two terms the membership will be informed which positions will be open and nominations will then be accepted. Upon recommendation, the Executive Board will review all nominations and prepare a slate. If no one steps forward to fill an open position, then the position will remain filled by the same person already holding the position if they so choose.


Section 3: Single Slate; when there is only one nominee per office, the slate will be announced at the March Membership Meeting and additional nominations from the floor shall be accepted. If there are no additional nominations a vote, by show of hands, shall then take place.


Section 4: Multiple Slates; when several members contend for the same position(s), a slate of these candidates will be announced at the March Membership meeting. Additional nominations from the floor shall be accepted at this meeting after which nominations shall be closed. An election shall then take place, by secret ballot, at the April Membership Meeting.  


Section 5: In the case of a resignation of a Board Member in mid-term, the Board can appoint a replacement.


Section 6: The installation of Officers and Chairpersons shall take place at the May Membership Meeting.




Delaware Valley Art League Exhibition Policies and Procedures, as outlined in the DVAL Handbook/Membership Directory and posted on the official DVAL Website, must be followed.




Section 1: Dues and fees shall be set by the Executive Board.


Section 2: The fiscal year for the Delaware Valley Art League runs from June 1 of one year to May 31 of the next year.


Section 3: In the event that this organization is disbanded, funds or assets shall be distributed or used in a manner which shall promote interest and creativity in the fine arts through public education activities in these fields. The determination shall be made by the Executive Board.


Section 4: According to the Internal Revenue Department, the Delaware Valley Art League is exempt from Federal Income Tax as of September 22, 1972.




The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall govern this organization in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Delaware Valley Art League.




Section 1: Changes to the Constitution/Bylaws requires Membership action. Amendments can be submitted to the membership electronically or appear on the official DVAL website. They may also be read at a Membership Meeting prior to a vote at that meeting if requested by members present.  


Section 2: One-quarter of the membership must be present.


Section 3: A vote of two-thirds must be obtained to approve any revision.


Section 4: Minor Changes, such as changes in fees, exhibition policies and procedures, and the formation or dissolution of standing or special committees require Executive Board action only.


Section 5: Three-quarters of the Executive Board Members must be present.


Constitution and Bylaws

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