Calls to Artists and Art Events

If you are looking for opportunities to submit your artwork beyond DVAL, here are a few artist calls in the area you might like to explore.

"Off the Wall" Art Show

First, email George if interested.

Drop off Date: 11-17-2021, monthly meeting 1pm - 3pm

Up to 3 paintings (to St. David's Church) 

The St. David’s Church Gift Shop is conducting an event called “Off the Wall” Art Show during the month of November. “Off The Wall” is an outreach fundraising event which supports feeding, education, clean water and humanitarian aid programs in Cuba, Guatemala, and Uganda. The “Off the Wall” Art Sale will be featured at their annual Open House on November 19th. The Gift Shop Open House attracts a wide audience from the community.

Selling paintings during the Gift Shop Open House

The Gift Shop Open House will be conducted during the afternoon and evening of November 19th.  Artists who participate will bring three paintings to our meeting at St David’s Church on November 17th. 
Paintings for the sale should be priced under $300. Artists will receive 90% of the sale proceeds. The other 10% will be a donation to the St David’s Church Gift Shop. 

This is an opportunity to support a great cause and display and possibly sell some of your art. If you wish to participate, please send an email to and indicate whether you wish to participate in the Open House Sale.