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We're Venturing Out!

This year the DVAL's Board of Directors had our annual show at the Square Pear Gallery during the month of April. It's a beautiful, light-filled space in the heart of Kennett Square at 200 State Street, just a few minutes beyond Longwood Gardens. The exhibition featured a diverse range of styles and mediums, which mirrors our talented organization perfectly! Thanks to those who came out and showed their support!!!

  • This show has concluded

  • Board Members participating:  

    • George Gallatig, Giovanni Arcamone, Deborah Vaughan, Ardyth Sobyak, Elizabeth Delany, Mary R. Smith, Jeanne Gunther, Laurie Murray, Don Leong, Sara Hamilton, Indira Cariappa, Daria Nawrocki and Mimi Snyder.  

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Delaware Valley Art League 75th Anniversary
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