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Greenbank Mills Exhibit and Art Sale

Award winning paintings and juror Jane Miluski's comments.

greenbank 1a.jpg

First Place - “Dreamscape”, Mary Smith - Pastel

This pastel invites the viewer into the landscape.  The artist use of a variety of greens is masterful!  She has a showy sense of color and design, balancing the flowers with the bit of sky blue.  Her red-browns make just the right warm contrast.

greenbank 2a.png

Second Place - “Feed My Sheep”, Sara Hamilton - Pastel

In Hamilton’s pastel, she has created a moody impact. One is drawn to look closely at her sheep.  The design is very pleasing, repeating her sheep in receding space.  They look to the left balancing the light door on the right.  Her colors are yummy!

faith's sheep.jpg

Third Place - “Reclining Sheep”, Faith Balsama - Acrylic

Faith Balsama’s nearly life-sized sheep are beautifully drawn and executed.  Her design is dynamic despite the the sheep’s position as the central sheep looks to the left bringing us back around.

greenbank 4a.png

Frank Sobyak Memorial Award - “Colonial Prosperity”, Dee Casner - Pastel

This pastel piece has a strong abstract design.  The dominant yellow piece is repeated in blue - green and violet. Good color harmony.  Line work is the right decoration.

greenbank 5a.png

Leaugay Weber Memorial Award - “Basking in the Sunlight”, Indira Cariappa - Watercolor

I do enjoy the shadow patterns in this small piece,  It is fun to search for the sheep.  The fence posts make a good repeat of the shape.

greenbank 6.jpg

 Patti Pensyl Simmons Memorial Award - “Walker Barn”, Sabine Rehm - Oil

The barn is a well and simply executed work.  It evokes a sense of peace.

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