Artwork submission documents and guidelines:

DVAL Glossary

Submission guidelines



Exhibitors must submit original works for all shows. Not-for-sale works (NFS) are permitted at our permanent venues. Reproductions of any type will be rejected by the Chairperson of the Group Exhibition Committee.  No work may be submitted for jury process for the same venue where it has previously been shown. It may, however, be re-entered for jury process in another DVAL show.


All work will be pre-juried by an outside professional juror (with the exception of the Board/Invitational Shows) who will be pre-determined by the Juror Procurement Chairperson.


If a painting is smaller than 16 inches on either side including the frame, the artist must sign a disclaimer stating that they enter the piece at their own risk and that neither the venue (for example, Penn Med Valley Forge) nor DVAL will be liable for damage or theft.


All work to be juried must have the DVAL entry label attached to the back (top left corner) and be delivered between 10:00 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. the day of the scheduled jury.  No work will be accepted after 12:30 P.M. when the jury process begins. 


Each member is permitted to submit two (2) pieces of work to be juried unless otherwise specified.  The fee is $10 ($5 for board members) payable upon submission of entry.  If members are permitted to enter more than one (1) piece of work at Special Exhibitions and Events, an additional fee may be charged for each piece submitted.


The jury process will be done in a secure place during the membership meeting and may run longer than the meeting.  When this occurs the membership will be asked to remain in the room where the program is being held until the jury process is complete.  At that time the prizes will be announced and members may then pick up their work.  Those members who do not stay for the membership meeting must be prepared to pick up their entries by 3:00 P.M.  Failure to do so will result in a $20 fine.  They are also reminded not to enter the jury room until the doors are opened by the committee.  An acceptance slip will be attached to the back wire if work is accepted for that show.

Only Exhibition Chairpersons and their representatives may be present during the jury process. Their job is solely to assist the juror.  They shall have no input as to what pieces are chosen or which members receive awards or prizes; this is the sole responsibility of the juror.


Members may not have any contact with the juror to discuss their work (or any other member's work) before, during or after the jury process. Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the organization.


Prizes awarded are: First Place - $150, Second Place - $100, Third Place - $75.  Three Merit Awards of $25 may also be awarded.  Sponsor Awards, $25 gift certificates redeemable at Sponsor's place of business, may be substituted for Merit Awards when available.  Purchase Prizes (the price of the winning painting not to exceed $350) may also be awarded at certain shows. When available, Memorial Awards may also be awarded at both Permanent Venues or Special Exhibitions. The value of these awards varies. A member may be awarded only one award per show.


If a painting is juried into a show and is not delivered or hung in that show, the artist will be fined $20 and will be prohibited from exhibiting at the next juried show at that venue.


If an artist brings a painting to a show that deviates from the one juried in, it will be rejected at delivery by the Chairperson, the artist will be fined $25 and will also be prohibited from exhibiting at the next juried show at that venue. 


It is DVAL's intention to present work of professional quality for all of its exhibitions. Proper matting and framing are vital. According to the Official Policies and Procedures of the Delaware Valley Art League, even if your paintings are accepted by the juror, they will be rejected by the Exhibition Committee if they do not meet these professional standards.

  • Oil paintings must be dry.

  • All work must be properly framed unless using gallery wrapped canvases (gallery wrapped canvases have edges 1 h" or wider).

  • No broken or damaged frames.

  • No dirty or unsightly mats.

  •  Acid free foam core or Masonite backing only. Cardboard or other non-acid free material is not acceptable.

  • Glass or plexiglass must be clean, without scratches or cracks.

  • All frames should be properly wired and ready to hang.

  • Screw eyes and zig-zag hooks are not acceptable. D-rings only. All work must be original

All artists are respectfully asked to keep in mind that these are public shows when choosing their subject matter. Any subject matter depicting nudity will be rejected at all DVAL exhibitions.


Show delivery hours at Penn Medicine at Valley Forge are 9:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. on the date specified (unless otherwise noted).


All work must be signed in at the show by the artist (or representative) at delivery and signed out by the artist (or representative) when picking up the work at the end of show.


If an artist is unable to deliver or pick up their work at specified times they are responsible for arranging a substitute in their absence.  A
fine of $20 will be charged for failure to do so.  In addition, they will be prohibited from entering the next show at that venue.  Furthermore, there will be no reimbursement for damage or loss of those works that are not picked up.


If the weather is such that it is questionable or not possible to deliver or pick up paintings, exhibitors will be notified by email, phone, or on our website.

Prices may not be changed nor can any piece be removed or substituted before the end of the exhibition unless sold.  No painting may be moved, once hung, by anyone other than Chairperson of Exhibitions of that venue.  It is the Exhibition Chairperson's responsibility to ensure that no volunteer/member receives preferential treatment concerning where their work is hung. Paintings which are sold are not required to stay the duration of the show and may be replaced with a non-juried painting.  The label for the replacement painting will reflect that this is a non-juried piece.

The Exhibition Chairperson must be notified when a painting is sold.  All arrangements of sales and delivery to purchaser must be made by the artist.  The removal or replacement of the sold painting must be made at specified times on specific days:


VALLEY FORGE: Please arrange to meet buyer in the main floor lobby area after calling the Exhibition Chairperson to arrange day and time in which to remove/exchange painting.


Buyer’s Contact Information: Although not mandatory, the artist may be asked to provide the buyer’s contact information to the appropriate Exhibit Chairperson or the committee head for Patron Mailing List (at in order to update the DVAL Mailing List.





Most of the Policies and Procedures that apply to the regular shows at permanent venues (Penn Med Valley Forge) also apply to Special Exhibitions.  If a painting is juried into a show and is not delivered or hung in that show, the artist will be fined $20.  If an artist brings a painting to a show that deviates from the one juried in, it will be rejected at delivery and the artist will be fined $25.  All submitted works must remain in the exhibition for the duration of the show. Unlike regular shows at permanent venues, all submitted works must be for sale, unless specified otherwise in the particular show prospectus. The number of entries permitted will be listed in that shows’ prospectus. Entry fees are used to support the cost of the show and therefore are not refundable. Other Policies and Procedures that differ from the regular shows at permanent venues are specifically noted in that show's prospectus on the DVAL Website. 


Policies and procedures for shows not on the current calendar (and therefore not listed in the handbook) will be specifically outlined and available to all members as soon as plans are complete. 



As a volunteer run organization all members are expected to volunteer whatever time they can during the course of the year.  Recognizing that the success of each show depends upon our team of volunteers, the Exhibition Chairpersons will especially be asking the members who consistently exhibit in Penn Med/Valley Forge Shows to help with the process of changing exhibitions.




All art works in all DVAL Exhibitions will be carefully handled; however, DVAL will not be responsible for loss or damage except that which occurs during the process of hanging DVAL shows.  Damage payments are not to exceed $150 regardless of the cost to repair or replace the damaged piece.