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Plein Air Events


DVAL members love plein air in almost any weather, and we are lucky to have a mind-boggling range of places to paint outdoors. Old farms, quirky towns, historic buildings, parks and gardens, rivers and nature centers all call out to us as we drive by.


Do you have a favorite spot you'd like to recommend? Contact Barbara Lauer at dive58barb@gmail.com.

Plein air at Greenbank Mills


DVAL will have a booth and artists are invited to paint en plein air during Greenbank Mills annual sheep shearing and herb sale on April 30th, 2022. To learn more please click here.

Plein air opportunities at Brandywine River Museum of Art

Brandywine River Museum of Art is booking plein air events at Kuerner Farm again this spring and summer. For more information please click here.