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Mary Rinderle Smith_7 am Sparkle_Rushton Farm.jpeg

"Sparkle - Rushton Farm"

Monthly meeting and workshop



February 21, 2024 (Wednesday)

1:00pm - 3:00pm


February 27, 2024 (Tuesday)

10:00am - 3:00pm

Artist: Mary Rinderle Smith PSA, MPS, PWCS, PPS
Artist's Biography:

Raised in Erie, Pennsylvania where she began drawing and painting as a child, Mary Rinderle Smith launched an early art career with a B.A. in Art from Mercyhurst College. She spent several years teaching art in the elementary schools of Long Island, New York.


During the past several years Mary has developed relationships with Wayne Art Center, the Chester County Art Association, and the Delaware Valley Art League where she serves on the Board of Directors.  She is also a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, and a Signature member of both the Maryland Pastel Society, Philadelphia Pastel Society, and Philadelphia Watercolor Society. During 2019 Mary, along with five other dedicated pastel artists, helped to found the Philadelphia Pastel Society.  She is now an active Board member, working as both Workshop Manager and Webmaster.


Mary has studied with local pastel artists Teresa DeSeve, and Madeleine Kelly, and nationally known pastelists Richard McKinley, Tony Allain, Casey Klahn, Jen Evenhaus, Dawn Emerson, and Sally Strand, among others.  

Recent work has included abstract experimentation and plein air landscapes in acrylic, oil, and pastel. Mary has won numerous awards for her paintings.

In recent years Mary has painted and shown her work with:

  • Pastel Society of America

  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society International Exhibitions

  •  Philadelphia Pastel Society Exhibitions

  •  International Association of Pastel Societies

  •  Maryland Pastel Society National Exhibitions

  •  LandArt Events Plein Air programs

  •  Plein Air Brandywine Valley

  •  Wayne Art Center member’s shows

  •  Delaware Valley Art League, frequent Penn Med Exhibitions


Mary is now a resident of Pocopson Township, Chester County, PA where she has converted part of her home into a working art studio.


During the Demo Mary will talk about her motivations and what she tries to accomplish in her paintings. Her goal is to create expressive paintings that have free flowing shapes and depth of value and color.


Mary will demonstrate the layering of the two mediums she prefers to use in her paintings, watercolor and pastel. Starting with a drawing and value study, Mary will begin the painting process with a loose watercolor interpretation of her chosen scene. Usually, it is necessary to redraw basic shapes after the watercolor stage. 


After the watercolor stage of her piece is complete and dry, Mary decides what is worthy of retaining in pure watercolor and which areas will best be interpreted with an overlay of stick or pan pastel. Mary will demonstrate how a combination of Pan Pastel and watercolor can fill broad areas with color as a base for more detailed work later. 



The workshop will provide an opportunity to experiment with the layering of two mediums in paintings. We will create a watercolor underpainting (first layer) and a pastel top layer. I will demonstrate once again how I produce a pastel painting. I will recap all of the steps covered in the Demo from our general meeting and paint a small demo to show once again what layering is all about. Questions are welcome.


I invite each artist to bring one or two photos of something that inspires them to paint. After my Demo I will help participants to select a photo they wish to use for their painting practice and guide them through the Notan process. I will demonstrate how to simplify a subject into a black and white value study (Notan). The photo and the Notan will both serve as guides for our paintings, so we will clip them to our backing boards before we begin.  Then we will draw the scenes we wish to paint, use watercolors to paint free color and value studies, redraw the large shapes, and prepare to use dry pastels to complete the piece. Our goal is to create paintings that have free flowing shapes and depth of value and color.  


Participants will draw and paint for the rest of the day.  I will provide plenty of advice and assistance as we move along.


Supply List:

Reference photos of landscape, cityscape, or plant life.


Bring a variety of Pastels in basic colors and values. Include a selection of a cool and warm neutrals as well. I recommend Pan Pastels if you have them.  I will share my Pan Pastels with those who would like to experiment.   Stick pastels of any brand:  Girault, Terry Ludwig, Unison, and Sennelier, NuPastel.  Whatever you have will be fine.


Sanded pastel paper that accepts water – Uart 300 or 400 grade (Natural color) – preferably mounted. Other papers that work well with both water media and pastel media are:  Lux Archival Pastel paper,   Pastel Premier, Multimedia Pastel Panels. Cold press watercolor paper is fine.  Bring 2-3 pieces, 9 x 12 or larger


Watercolor paints. Any brand will do.


Inexpensive flat 1-2” brush for watercolor underpainting

Spray Bottle

Sturdy support to clip or tape your sanded paper (foam core works well)

Masking tape


Drop cloth to protect the floor/table where you work

Paper Towels


Click here for materials list (MS Word document)

Click here for materials list (PDF document)

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