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Monday, June 28th at St. David's Church from 9-3

Randall Graham


Workshop description:

Explore simple Munsell color theory, and how to match hue, value and chroma every time with a reliable paint mixing plan. Paint mixing recipes will take a lot of frustration out of the painting process. 
Randall will provide demos and lectures to explain the color theory. Students will paint after the demo using the paint mixing process.
Oil or acrylic is good for a workshop. No watercolor.
Supply list:

  • A canvas (8"x 10" or 11" x 14" will work)

  • A palette

  • A palette knife

  • Paint (whatever students have will work)

  • Brushes

  • Rags 

  • Something to clean brushes (water or odorless solvent depending on what medium)


Randall’s passion for art has been apparent since childhood.  His love of drawing and creating stories through works of art started at a very young age and hasn’t stopped yet.  He studied at The Carlin Academy of Fine Art.  Bo Bartlett has also taught Randall and influenced his style.  The tradition of Chester County artists continues with Randall.   He was born in Malvern Pa and today he resides in West Chester PA with his family.  He keeps a studio in Malvern where he works and teaches traditional painting fundamentals.  


Randall is ambitious when it comes to his approach to painting.  His work comes in a variety of channels including studio work, en plein air (outdoor painting) and his "en rain air" style.  The "en rain air" style comes about from painting a scene from his mini van or window while it is raining.  The rain drops on the window act as a means for abstraction.  The juxtaposition of abstract and reality creates emotional paintings which have become very popular with Randall's collectors.


Randall also loves to share his knowledge of painting through teaching. Helping others create is a truly gratifying experience.  Randall teaches traditional painting fundamentals at Randall Graham Studio in Malvern, Wayne Art Center and Chester County Art Association.

To learn more about Randall visit his website:

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