Constitution and Bylaws




Rev. October 20, 2021



The name of this organization shall be “The Delaware Valley Art League” (DVAL), changed by majority vote of the general membership on March 14, 2008; formerly known as “The Art League”, changed by majority vote of the general membership on May 10, 2002; formerly known as “The Art League of Delaware County”, changed by majority vote of the general membership on November 2, 1979; formerly known as “The Arts and Craft League of Delaware County”.




The Delaware Valley Art League was formed by Catherine R. Brogan (Mrs. Edward Tatnall), under the name of The Arts and Craft League of Delaware County, on November 10, 1947.  The purpose of this organization is to promote interest, skill and creativity in the fine arts; to encourage fellowship; to exchange views, develop new ideas and techniques; to offer educational opportunities through lectures, workshops and demonstrations; and to sponsor art exhibitions/sales for the participation of the membership.




Section 1:  This is an adult organization limited to members 18 years of age and older.


Section 2:  Membership applications are available at all general meetings and on the official DVAL Website.


Section 3:  All members are eligible to attend meetings, workshops, hold office, serve on committees and vote.


Section 4:  Membership is divided into two categories:  Associate (A) and Full (F).  All members are eligible to attend meetings, workshops, hold office, serve on committees and vote.  All new members are initially designated Associate Members.  They are required to pay a onetime only joiner fee.  To become a Full Member all Associate Members must submit work to the Internal Review Committee and upon acceptance by this Committee will become Full Members.  Full Members are eligible to submit work to all DVAL sponsored shows, juried and non-juried.  Full Members are also invited to link their professional web page on the official DVAL Website.


Section 5:  All Members, regardless of status, are required to pay membership fees by January 1st of each year to remain active members for the upcoming year  A penalty will be incurred when dues are not paid on time.


Section 6:  To be reinstated after an absence of five years, a former member must reapply as a new (Associate) Member, regardless of former status.




Section 1:  The Officers of the Board of Directors shall include:  President (or Co-presidents where applicable); Vice President; Recording Secretary; Treasurer; Administrative Secretary.


Additional Directors on the Board of Directors shall include Membership; Programs; Workshops; Exhibitions; Marketing/Advertising; Site Selection; Sponsor Procurement; Juror Procurement; Technology; Webmaster; Internal Review; Membership Activities.


These Officers/Directors shall perform their duties prescribed by the Constitution/Bylaws and by the Parliamentary Authority adopted by the organization


Upon the affirmative vote of a majority of all Board Members, any Officer or Director shall be removed, with good cause, and a successor shall be elected at any meeting of the Board for such purpose.


Such other positions shall be formed or dissolved as the Board of Directors shall deem necessary to carry on the work of The Delaware Valley Art League.


Section 2:  Officers/Directors shall serve for one to two terms (of two years each).


Section 3:  The President shall preside at Membership and Board Meetings and shall plan and hold an Annual Planning Board Meeting each September.  The President shall have the power to appoint ad hoc committees.  The President shall follow the Parliamentary Procedure “Robert’s Rules of Order” at all meetings.


Section 4:  The Vice President shall assist the President and shall also act in the absence or disability of the President.  The Vice President shall have the power to maintain the Constitution and Bylaws of The Delaware Valley Art League and review and approve the Official Job Descriptions of the Organization. The Vice President shall also preside over the Nominating Committee.


Section 5:  The Recording Secretary shall take the minutes of the Board Meetings and distribute copies to all Board Members within a week after the Board Meeting and keep a file of the same along with such papers (the Constitution and Official Policies and Procedures) as the Board may direct on the Goggle Drive


Section 6:  The Treasurer shall have the responsibility for the safekeeping of the Organization funds and assets, be responsible for keeping full and accurate financial records and books of account showing all receipts and disbursements, and for the preparation of all required financial data, including PA State and IRS reporting requirements, and is responsible for the deposit of all monies in the name of the Organization. The Treasurer will submit a detailed monthly report at each of the Board Meetings.


Section 7:  The Administrative Secretary shall send out all communications of the Delaware Valley Art League, which are relevant to the operation of the Organization and may have administrative charge of other activities based on need within the Organization.


Section 8:  The Officers/Directors shall be responsible for the duties outlined in their official job descriptions, which are reviewed, approved and kept on file by the Vice President.


Section 9:  No Officer/Director shall receive any compensation from the Organization for acting as such but may be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in performing such Officer’s/Directors duties.




Section 1:  There shall be six General Membership Meetings a year in the months of October, November, January, February, March, April.  The Board Meetings shall be held seven times a year in the months of September, October, November, January February, March, and April.  The Board Meeting in the month of September is designated “The Annual Planning Board Meeting”.


Section 2:  A quorum shall be necessary for any vote taken at a Board Meeting or a General Membership Meeting.  A quorum shall be three-fourths of the Board Members at a Board Meeting and one-fourth of the General Membership at a General Membership Meeting.


Section 3:   When voting is necessary on occasions independent of regularly scheduled meetings, the issue at hand will be proposed via special meeting or email to the membership or the Board of Directors.  Votes will be submitted electronically.  A quorum of respondents is necessary for an issue to be considered and a majority of yea votes shall be necessary for approval.  The Recording Secretary will document all special meetings in the official minutes.




Section 1:  A candidate for the Presidency should have served on the Board of Directors.  Officers shall be limited to holding one position per term.  Officers/Directors should have been a member in good standing of the Delaware Valley Art League for at least one year.

Section 2:  Nominations for office shall be made by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be a standing committee and consist of all members of the Board of Directors.  The Committee may also include other DVAL members appointed by the President.  The Committee shall be chaired by the Vice President.  The Nominating Committee shall meet in a timely manner to prepare a slate of nominees for the General Membership Meeting in March and/or as needed to fill a vacancy.


Section 3:  When Officers/Directors have served their two terms (four years) the positions will be announced as open, and nominations will be accepted by the Nominating Committee from the General Membership prior to the March General Membership Meeting.  This can be done by personal contact, announcements at the meetings, on the website, or by email.


Section 4:  Single Slate; when there is only one nominee per office, the slate will be announced at the March General Membership Meeting and additional nominations from the floor will be accepted.  If there are no additional nominations, a vote, by show of hands, shall then take place.


Section 5:  Multiple Slates; when several members contend for the same position(s), the slate of these candidates will be announced at the March General Membership Meeting.  Additional nominations from the floor shall be accepted at this meeting after which nominations shall be closed.  An election shall then take place, by secret ballot.


Section 6: If no one steps forward to fill an open position the position may remain filled by the person currently holding the position, if they so choose, for another 2-year term.  At the end of that term the position will once more be considered open, and nominations will once more be accepted.


Section 7:  In the case of a resignation of an Officer/Director in mid-term, the Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement.


Section 8:  The Installation of Officers/Directors shall take place at the Annual Luncheon held in May which marks the beginning of the new term.




All Delaware Valley Art League Official Policies and Procedures regarding Exhibitions, and all other Organizational matters, as posted on the Official Website, must be followed.  Changes to these Policies and Procedures require Board Approval.   




Section 1:  Dues and fees shall be set by the Board of Directors.


Section 2:  The calendar year ending December 31st of each year shall be used for accounting purposes.

Section 3:  According to the Internal Revenue Department, The Delaware Valley Art League is exempt from Federal Income Tax as of September 22, 1972.


Section 4: On or before the first day of September each year, every member of the Board of Directors is required to submit an annual budget listing an estimate of funds necessary to operate each committee/activity they are responsible for.  The Treasurer will use these reports to prepare the Annual Budget for the entire Organization.  The budget shall be made available to the Board of Directors for review prior to the Annual Planning Board Meeting.


Section 5:  The Board of Directors will vote on the new budget in September at the Annual Planning Board Meeting.  The Budget for the Organization shall contain an estimate of the total amount considered necessary to pay the cost of managing the Organization and other related operating services.  The Annual Budget shall also include such reasonable amounts as the Board

Members consider necessary to provide working capital, a general operating reserve for contingencies and replacements.


Section 6:  Once approved by the Board of Directors, this budget shall constitute the basis for determining each committee’s assessments by the Organization and should automatically take effect at the beginning of the calendar year for which it is adopted.



The rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern this organization in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Delaware Valley Art League.




Section 1:  Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws require General Membership action.  Amendments/Revisions can be submitted to the membership electronically or by mail or appear on the official website.  They may also be read at a General Membership Meeting prior to a vote at that meeting, if requested by members present.


Section 2:  One-quarter of the membership must be present.


Section 3:  A majority vote must be obtained to approve any revision.


Section 4:  Minor changes, such as changes in fees or Official Policies and Procedures, require Board action only.


Section 5:  A majority vote of the Board Members must be obtained to approve any revision.



Section 1:  No Member shall be entitled to receive any compensation for their service as an Officer, Director or any member serving as a volunteer in the Organization (each, a “Responsible Person”).


Section 2:  No Responsible Person shall be liable to the Organization for any claim for damages or loss resulting from an act or omission taken by such person in the furtherance of the business of the Organization in good faith and without gross negligence or willful misconduct.



Section 1:  The Organization shall indemnify and hold harmless all Responsible Persons from personal financial loss and expense arising out of any claim, demand, suits or judgement asserted against a Responsible Person as a result of an act or omission taken by such person in the furtherance of the business of the Organization in good faith and without gross negligence or willful misconduct.


Section 2:  Such right of indemnification shall not be deemed exclusive of any other right to which the said person may be entitled as a matter of law.




Section 1:  In the event it becomes necessary for the Organization to dissolve, the Board of Directors shall adopt a resolution recommending dissolution and send official notice to all Members that such action will be discussed at a General Membership Meeting giving the time, venue and date of the meeting.


Section 2:  The Board of Directors shall oversee the liquidation and distribution of the Organization’s assets as follows:

  • First, to pay all liabilities and obligations of the Organization.

  • Any Organization assets remaining after such payments shall be distributed to other associations with similar objectives as determined by the Board of Directors.


Section 3:  No tangible assets of the Organization shall be distributed to any Member of the Organization.


Delaware Valley Art League 75th Anniversary