Policies and Procedures




DVAL is governed by its Constitution/By-Laws,

Robert’s Rules of Order

And its Official Policies and Procedures


Rev. October 20, 2021





  • DVAL Officers may only hold one office at a time.


  • The DVAL Treasurer shall provide the Board a full accounting of incoming and outgoing funds each month.


  • Board approval is necessary before paying any expenses not included in approved Committee Budgets.


  • Joiner/Membership fees are not refundable.


  • Joiner/Membership fees will not be refunded if an associate member’s works fails to pass the Internal Review.


  • Workshop fees are not refundable.


  • There are no limits to the number of times an Associate Member may submit work to the Internal Review Committee.


  • DVAL Members with art teaching experience (classroom or workshop) may be scheduled as a Guest Artist and are able to give both demonstrations of their work and conduct workshops.


  • DVAL does not pay travel expenses for Guest Artists.


  • Honorarium for Guest Artists is $600 total.  $150 is paid at the General Membership Meeting and the remaining $450 is paid at the Workshop.  Any change to the Honorarium requires Board Approval.

  • The Guest Artist will not be paid the if they do not fulfil their obligations


  • After two terms (total of 4 years) Board Members positions are considered open, and the Nominating Committee will take the appropriate steps to fill them.  The Current Board Member may stay in that position ONLY if no one steps up to replace them.


  • Outgoing Officers (including President) and Directors are not given gifts but instead receive a note and certificate thanking them for their service.


  • As a volunteer run organization, all members are expected to volunteer whatever time they can during the course of the year.


  • Due to liability concerns, the Board has voted not to rent out DVAL owned equipment.


  • DVAL does not accept advertising from any outside group, art related or not, on its Website (unless it is a paid-in-full DVAL Sponsor).


  • DVAL will post “Calls to Artists” and “Non DVAL Exhibits/Workshops” on its website as they have potential to benefit the entire DVAL Membership.


  • “Friend of DVAL” status is given to professional working artists who have formed a special relationship with the organization due to their past experiences as either a Juror or Guest Artist.  Additionally the artist must be an active member of DVAL, have an art related degree, teaching experience and exhibit regionally/nationally.  These artists are not required to submit work to the Internal Review for jurying.  However, the Internal Review Committee will determine if an artist qualifies for this distinction after full review of their resume.  The “Friend of DVAL” status offers the same privileges and responsibilities of “Full” Membership.


  • In order to protect the interests of DVAL, signed Contracts/Letters of Agreement shall be secured for all exhibition venues, facility rentals (meeting/workshop/art sale venues), jurors and guest artists.  Job descriptions (along with contract samples) list which Officers/Directors are responsible for securing these contracts.




  • Entry fees are never refunded.


  • Exhibitors must submit original work for all shows.  Reproductions of any type will be rejected by the Exhibition Committee.


  • No digitally generated work, photographs or sculpture are accepted in any DVAL Exhibition or Art Sale.

  • Unless otherwise noted, Not-For-Sale (NFA) works are permitted at DVAL permanent venues but are not accepted at Art Sales.


  • All work to be juried must have the DVAL entry label attached to the back, upper left corner.


  • Unless otherwise stated, each member is able to enter 2 pieces of work to be juried.


  • If members are permitted to enter more than one piece of work at Special Exhibitions/Events an additional fee may be charged for each piece submitted.  This will clearly be stated in the Event Prospectus.


  • Only “Full” members and “Friend of DVAL” members may exhibit work in juried and non-juried shows and participate in Art Sales.


  • No work may be submitted to the jury process for the same venue where it has previously been shown.  It may, however, be re-entered for jury process in another DVAL Show.


  • DVAL does not stipulate an age limit requirement on paintings entered in exhibitions.


  • All work will be juried by an outside professional juror pre-determined by the Juror Procurement Chairperson.


  • Exhibition Jurors may not be DVAL Members.


  • The Exhibition Juror Honorarium is $200.  Any change to the Honorarium requires board approval.


  • Prizes for DVAL Juried Shows are:  First place $150, Second Place $100, Third Place $75, Merit Awards $25 and Memorial Awards (Memorial Award amounts vary).


  • Jurors will select paintings for a show based solely on merit.  No painting will be selected to fill any quota for a desired type of painting or the total number of paintings to be hung.


  • The maximum number of pieces accepted per show is established by the venue, therefore the Exhibition Committee may not inform the Juror how many pieces to select, offer opinions on which paintings should get into the show or which should win prizes.


  • Attempting to sway judges opinions will result in immediate expulsion from the Organization.


  • The jury process will be done in a secure place during the membership meeting and may run longer than the meeting.


  • Members may view delivered work prior to commencement of the jury process ONLY if they are not interfering with the work of the Exhibition Committee.


  • The membership has advance notice of when the jury process will begin.  Once the doors to the jury room are closed no more entries will be accepted.


  • Only members of the Exhibition Committee may be present during the jury process.


  • Members who attempt to enter the jury room prior to the completion of the jury process to retrieve their paintings are subject to a $20 fine.


  • Members may not have any contact with the juror to discuss their work (or any other member’s work) before, during or after the jury process.  Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the organization.


  • If a painting is juried into a show and is not delivered or hung in that show the artist will be fined $20 and will be prohibited from exhibiting at the next juried show at that venue.


  • If an artist brings a painting to a show that deviates from the one juried in, it will be rejected at delivery by the Exhibition Committee, the artist will be fined $20 and will be prohibited from exhibiting at the next juried show at that venue.


  • Prior to the jury process or when hanging a show, paintings will be rejected by the Exhibition Committee if they are not properly framed, have unsightly mats, damaged frames or do not have wire strong enough to support work and allow hanging.


  • Oil paintings must be dry and properly framed if not using gallery wrapped canvases (with edges 1 ½” or wider).


  • Gallery wrapped canvases must have clean or painted sides.


  • Any subject matter depicting nudity will be rejected at all DVAL Exhibitions.


  • All work must be signed-in at the show by the artist (or their representative) at delivery and signed-out by the artist (or their representative) when picking up work at the end of the show.


  • If an artist is unable to deliver or pick up their work at specified times they are responsible for arranging a substitute in their absence.  A fine of $20 will be charged for failure to do so.  In addition, they will be prohibited from entering the next show at that venue.


  • There will be no reimbursement for damage or loss of works that are not picked up.


  • If the weather prohibits delivery or pick-up of paintings, the exhibitors will be notified by the Exhibition Committee either by email, phone, or a notice on the website.


  • Prices may not be changed, nor can any piece be removed or substituted before the end of the exhibition unless sold.


  • No painting may be moved, once hung, by anyone other than the Exhibition Committee of that venue.


  • It is the Exhibition Committees responsibility to ensure that no volunteer/member receives preferential treatment concerning where their work is hung.


  • Paintings which are sold are not required to stay the duration of the show and may be replaced with a non-juried painting.  The label for the replacement painting will reflect that this is a non-juried piece.


  • The Exhibition Committee must be notified by the artist when a painting is sold.


  • All arrangements of sales and delivery to purchaser will be made by the artist and must conform to the schedule provided by the exhibition facility.


  • Any changes in policies and procedures for special exhibitions/events will be outlined in the prospectus for that event.


  • If a painting is smaller than 16 inches on either side (including the frame) they enter the piece at their own risk and neither the venue nor DVAL will be liable for damage or theft.


  • All art work in all DVAL Exhibitions will be carefully handled; however, DVAL will not be responsible for loss or damage except that which occurs during the process of hanging DVAL Shows. Damage payments are not to exceed $150 regardless of the cost to repair or replace the damaged piece.


  • All artists participating in DVAL shows are required to sign a disclaimer form prior to the installation of each show stating that they understand DVAL policy as it relates to loss or damage of paintings.

The Official Policies and Procedures shall be posted on the DVAL Website.

Copies are also to be made available to the Membership at all Membership Meetings.

Changes to these Policies and Procedures require Board approval