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Paterson Falls

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After the Hunt

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Don’t Give Up on U.S.

Monthly meeting and workshop



FEBRUARY 15, 2023 (Wednesday)
1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.


​FEBRUARY 21, 2023 (Tuesday)

9:00 AM - 3:00 P.M.


Demo:  Judy Hummer – Watercolor on Yupo

Judith Hummer social media:

Website -

Facebook - Judy Aracco Hummer

Instagram - judithhummer_watercolor


A lifelong passion for art and early introduction to watercolor have influenced Judith’s artistic path. Judith pushes the limits of traditional watercolor techniques to achieve very creative and unusual effects.  She loves trying out new ideas and enjoys discovering how various everyday objects can be used to create exciting textures and passages in order to achieve a desired result. Many times, an abstract base will be studied and analyzed eventually revealing the subject that was hidden there all along. 


“The best time is exploring in the studio. Working on YUPO paper has presented challenges but also great rewards especially when the paint seems to create beautiful passages all on its own. This paper keeps my attention and broadens my creativity; there is never a dull moment when working on YUPO. I enjoy sharing my discoveries and techniques with other artists, hopefully inspiring them to try something in a different way”. 


Judith has been the recipient of numerous awards from various international and regional juried exhibitions.  She holds signature status in Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Northeast Watercolor Society, Garden State Watercolor Society and is an elected member of New Jersey Watercolor Society and Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club.


Demonstration with Judith Hummer


Judith Hummer has a unique approach to painting with watercolor on YUPO paper; a surface that many times has a mind of its own. During this demonstration, Judith will show us how to manage its loose, free-flowing characteristics as well as being able to exert some control.



Workshop: Watercolor on YUPO with Judith Hummer


Come and learn some of the properties of working in watercolor on YUPO paper.  Learn how to manage its loose, free-flowing characteristics as well as being able to exert some control.

Yupo provides the artist a great opportunity to be wild and experiment and create wonderful textures that can not be achieved with a brush.  It also gives the artist great freedom in the knowledge that it can be wiped back down to the white of the paper to try again.  A perfect surface for being brave and just have fun.  

We will begin by practicing various techniques achieving interesting textures and effects. A landscape demonstration will follow, incorporating the techniques just learned. The workshop participants will have plenty of time to work on their piece receiving individual attention and guidance. Participants may create a work from a photo reference supplied by instructor or one of their own.


Judith Hummer Yupo Workshop:

Participant Supply List


Bring your own watercolor supplies -- palette, paints, water bucket, paper towels and brushes.


Paint Colors: I encourage you to use what you have and are comfortable using. Do not worry about matching mine. These are colors that I have on my palette

I do recommend that you have a nice dark for mixing like indigo or payne’s gray.

Various blues – cobalt, ultramarine (green shade), cerulean and prussian (or winsor blue)

Various reds – permanent rose, cadmium scarlet, alizarin crimson

Various yellows - windsor yellow, indian yellow, naples yellow, yellow ochre (or raw sienna)

Permanent Sap Green is nice if you have it, viridian, permanent green light

I also use permanent magenta, quinacridone violet, ultramarine violet

Burnt sienna and van dyke brown 

Sometimes I will use azo orange or cadmium orange



 1” flat brush (or a mop brush) - to cover a lot of surface quickly

½ “ flat brush, #6 flat shader

various size round brushes - at least a no.8, and no. 4; 

Small Stiff brush with a lot of bounce – usually a synthetic – to easily lift back to white  


Other Supplies

Bring (2) backing boards (larger than 11x14) on which to secure your paper - we will have 

two pieces of YUPO - one for practicing the techniques, the other for your landscape.

Can be gatorbord, foamcore, matboard, cardboard – just something rigid


Blue painters tape (to secure YUPO to backing board) (if you don’t have it, I have some)

Box of kleenex - get the rectangular shaped box, not square boutique style 

We will also use this box to support paper when tilting (like an easel)

Cling wrap (saran wrap)

Wax paper -- if you don’t have any that is ok.  I will have a roll.


Spray bottle or mist style bottle.  Those little ones from Harmon’s are perfect

Watercolor pencils - used to draw a light sketch of your painting onto the yupo paper

Old acrylic bristle brush if you have one. The rattier the better -- makes good grass effect

Hake brush - used for blending



Reference photos  - again, I encourage you to bring your own too

Little foam rollers

4 blow dryers

YUPO paper size 11 x 14 (two sheets per person)

Rubber rug pad strips to use when tilting paper 

Links to Judy Hummer on:

  Facebook - Judy Aracco Hummer

  Instagram - judithhummer_watercolor

  Web -

Click here for materials list (MS Word document)

Click here for materials list (PDF document)

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