Non-DVAL exhibits, workshops and events

Here are some art-related exhibitions or events in the area that might be of interest to our members and friends! Check them out! If you know of any event that would be great to add to this list, please give us a shout!


Granite Farms Estates in Lima/Media on Rt. 1 is an upscale retirement place.


You can sign up to show there for a month, they are presently reopening after covid.

They take no commission & no fee.

They are organized, artist friendly, and nice people.

The show space is attractive with good lighting, near their front desk and dining room.

They like all varieties of art.

They have a monthly newsletter and will publish photos of your images.

Show space is a wide hallway that can hang 25 paintings.


Advertising on social media is not permitted, but you can invite your supporters.


Contact - Kathy Dougherty text 610-517-0685.


Paintings visible the entire hallway. Other side of this wall is their dining room.


Pleinair opportunities at Brandywine River Museum of Art

Brandywine River Museum of Art is booking plein air events at Kuerner Farm again this spring and summer.

Upcoming Kuerner Farm Plein Air/Photography Days:

  • Friday, April 8, Plein Air Day REGISTER

  • Sunday, April 10, Plein Air Day REGISTER

  • Friday, May 13, Photography Evening REGISTER

  • Sunday, May 15, Plein Air Day REGISTER

  • Wednesday, June 15, Plein Air Evening REGISTER

  • More coming in July and August!


Additional Opportunities: